Wildlife photographer Tim Laman’s gorgeous tackle nature in ‘Chook Planet’

Wildlife photographer Tim Laman's stunning take on nature in 'Bird Planet'

Written by Rebecca Cairns, CNN

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“I’m willing, more than most people, to go through some discomfort.”

That’s how American conservation photographer Tim Laman ended up with water rising over his knees in a marshy river delta at midnight, his camera gear floating by his side. “I got myself into a situation,” he admits.

Laman was in Venezuela’s Orinoco Basin searching for scarlet ibises, bright orange-red birds that roost among the tangle of mangrove roots and sticky mudflats at dusk. He wanted to photograph the birds in the evening and morning light — which meant spending the night on a fixed plywood raft in the middle of the river. But the tide charts he was using were incomplete and, as the…