Yadea Celebrates Mother’s Day with #LegendaryMom Social Media Campaign – Benzing… – Press Release

MUNICH, May 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Mother’s Day, Yadea, a leading electric two-wheeler brand, is celebrating moms around the world with the launch of its #LegendaryMom social media campaign, incorporating a new Mother’s Day video and a poster. At the center of Yadea’s Mother’s Day campaign is an energetic rap that embodies the brand’s youthful spirit and pays homage to the diverse identities of the modern mom.

“Mothers are not defined solely by the fact that they have children. Mothers have multiple identities in life: they can be family contributors, stylish women and eco-living advocates. As a brand, Yadea has always recognized and supported the plethora of roles that modern mothers occupy in our lives. This film pays tribute to the idea that all mothers around the world are absolutely and unquestionably legendary,” said Aska Zeng, General Manager at Yadea.

A celebration of the modern mom, Yadea’s #LegendaryMom campaign asks audiences to reflect on the diverse roles their mom played, and continue to play, in their lives, from educator to businesswoman and advocate for sustainable living. As their first teacher, mothers are the ones who help kids navigate every aspect of the world, from changing their diapers to helping them study for the big high school exam and enabling them to thrive professionally as they head off to work. They shape children into their best selves – as the rap says: “All your good qualities, they’re hereditary.” Finally, as a “true boss” lady and “real go-getter,” Yadea acknowledges that modern moms are eco-warriors that take action and use sustainable means of transportation to ensure the next generation become leaders in protecting the earth.

Yadea’s #LegendaryMom video launched across the brand’s social media platforms on May 8, 2022, alongside a dedicated Mother’s Day post, which celebrates the diverse roles mothers play, and invites its audience to share pictures to celebrate their own #LegendaryMom on social media.

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