Yr opens with a drop of over 1,000 allow holders : Cayman Information Service

Year opens with a drop of over 1,000 permit holders : Cayman News Service


WORC offices on Mary Street

(CNS): According to the latest statistics released by WORC, there was a significant drop in the number of work permit holders over the final quarter of last year. Since September, when there were a record-breaking 36,501 individual permit holders in the Cayman Islands, the number has fallen, for the first time since the pandemic, by over one thousand to 35,443 as of the beginning of January. The decline is notable given that during this period, the tourism sector was recruiting ahead of the busy winter season.

Nick Joseph, a local immigration attorney who has been raising awareness over the last few years about the myriad failings of the current immigration system, said he was surprised by the numbers. In a recent update to his clients, he said the decline made little sense given the usual “ramping up” at that time of year in anticipation of the tourism high season.

“The reasons for the reported reduction of work permit numbers are…