Zahir Jaffer an alcoholic, not mentally unstable: CEO Therapy Works – Press Release

ISLAMABAD: Dr Tahir Zahoor, CEO of Therapy Works, on Saturday said that Zahir Jaffer — the main suspect in the Noor Mukadam murder case — was addicted to alcohol.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Zahoor said: “I told Zahir Jaffer’s parents to get him admitted to the hospital as soon as possible. Jaffer was not mentally unstable, but was addicted to alcohol. However, his parents did not follow my recommendations.”

Referring to the incidents that took place on the day Noor was murdered, Dr Zahoor said: “Zakir Jaffer (Zahir’s father) had asked us to go look in on Zahir with the help of our team.”

“When the team reached Zahir’s residence, we found a crowd gathered there. Bystanders informed us that the door has been closed since the last two days,” he said.

Dr Zahoor recalled that he had asked Zakir whether Zahir was in possession of any weapon. “Zakir told me that Zahir had no weapons, but that he was angry,” he said.

Another official of Therapy Works, Dr Wamiq Riaz, said: “When we reached the place, the door was closed. Zakir instructed us to break it down and go inside.”

He said that the team managed to put up a ladder outside and enter the room through a window, upon which they saw Noor’s body.

Dr Zahoor further said that Therapy Works has a record of all calls made to them. 

He said: “When I informed Zakir about the dead body, he said that he may have been under the influence of alcohol which is how he committed the murder. Any father, when given such news, should be left quivering when told such a thing.”

“Zahir created a fiasco upon seeing the police, however, he was completely normal before that,” he added.