Zelensky’s Washington journey marks a victory within the PR struggle with Putin

Zelensky's Washington trip marks a victory in the PR war with Putin



On the last week before the Gregorian Christmas, the optics of Russia’s war in Ukraine have taken on a different dynamic and demonstrate that the battle is not only being fought on the frigid frontlines in Ukraine, but is also becoming something of a PR tit-for-tat.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has harnessed the media to become an ever-present figure on screens across the world, beaming himself into parliaments, conferences and even music festivals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, a past master of propaganda, is driving his own agenda through his absolute control of Russian state media. Comparisons between the two show a chasm that may reflect the larger narrative of the war.

Last Friday, according to the Kremlin, Putin “spent all day working at the joint staff of military branches involved in the special military operation.”

But the…