Zyno Medical to Feature Z-800F Set Based Anti-Free-Flow IV Pump at MHA

Natick, MA, USA, 02/22/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Zyno Medical, LLC, a global medical device manufacturer, focused on IV infusion pumps, patient safety and providing clinical workflow improvements will feature the Z-800F IV Infusion Pump at this year’s Managed Health Care Associates (MHA) Business Summit, March 2-4 in Las Vegas, NV.

The Z-800F is the latest in a robust product portfolio of IV infusion solutions from Zyno Medical. The Z-800F builds on the established reliability and durability of the Z-800 system. The Z-800F is focused on the US alternate care market which has seen significant growth in the long-term care pharmacy, home care and oncology markets. This pump’s simplicity of use, proven durability, and advanced current generation features has made it the preferred product chose for these markets.  

The Z-800F has been designed to be a full-featured, full-performance, state-of-the-art IV infusion pump.  Additionally, the Z-800F includes; set based anti-free-flow protection and standard pump based free-flow-protection, the ability to program up to eight standard infusion protocols, configurable menus, upgradeable software, and an easy-to-use interface. The Z-800F has been developed with input from users to meet the challenging reliability and durability needs of long-term care pharmacy providers.

“The use of the Z-800F has been growing and becoming a standard of care with our partners.” said Dr. Chaoyoung Lee, the president and owner of Zyno Medical, LLC. “The Z-800 system has always been known for its durability but the additional safety features of the Z-800F and ability to upgrade over time as new enhancements become available really make this an ideal solution for long-term care pharmacies and other alternate care providers.”

Please visit us at Booth #332 to find out more about Zyno Medical infusion solutions.

About Zyno Medical, LLC
Zyno Medical was founded in 2007. The company received its 510(k) FDA clearance for its first large volume infusion pump product in October 2007. Zyno Medical’s market focus is the alternate care market where there is a need for durable, advanced technology, infusion pumps designed specifically for the infusion needs that are unique to this market. Since its inception, the company has assembled a vast wealth of engineering talent, clinical experience, customer and market expertise. Zyno Medical’s headquarters is in Natick, Massachusetts.

The mission of Zyno Medical is to design and manufacture the most advanced infusion systems while applying a commitment to quality, simplicity, durability, connectivity and upgradability in order to deliver extraordinary benefits in patient safety, work flow efficiency and low total cost of ownership.  For more information, please visit www.zynomed.com.

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